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Saturday, March 17, 2012

On Childbearing

I have strong opinions, especially about having children. Sure, people can do whatever they want. If they have children, fine. However, doing so will, at this point in human history, do more harm than good to the human race and to the planet. There are now over seven billion people on the planet, and people are steadily sapping nonrenewable resources from the earth. The problem is that there are too many mouths to feed with not enough food for everyone. Not only that, there is not enough liveable space for everyone on the planet. It is not smart, nor is it moral, to add to the problem.
It is also unfair to those who do not yet exist to be forced into this mess that humanity has created just for someone else's personal satisfaction. To have a child so that s/he can take care of you when you get old is at the apex of selfishness.

The "biological clock" is a fiction. It is touted amid society because people are too afraid to make independent decisions about their lives and thus stand apart from the herd.

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