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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Science of Mind

I've finally found the spiritual path for me! I'm so excited. I did a google search for spiritual churches, and a Science of Mind church was in the results. I visited the website and the church, and now I'm hooked.

Ever since I was a child, I have perceived the world around me as an animated world, with all of nature teeming with life and intelligence. I thought I was pagan, but I did not want to limit my spiritual experience to one tradition. Though I was raised in a Christian community, I did not resonate with the idea of substitutionary atonement for wrongdoing. In my view, if and when someone mistreats another person, s/he is 100% responsible for the wrongdoing.

Science of Mind is about taking a scientific approach to spirituality. The god of Science of Mind is not a person, and has no personality. It is infinite intelligence and love that is filtered through us to the degree that we believe whatever we choose to believe. God is a presence, not a person. This totally resonates with me.

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