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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Thirteenth Step

A message from Bashar:

All things exist now. If all things exist now, then what you call the past and what you call the future, and all of its variations in both directions, also exist at the same time. Look at it as probabilities. Nothing is chiseled in stone. It's probabilities, but they all exist. You will experience what you are the energy of. When you create a linear experience, you create a connected continuity to other realities that simultaneously coexist that you call the past and that you call the future for the sake of convenience. But they all exist right now. But the point is is that even when you create that linear connection, whoever you choose to be in the present is a completely different person from moment to moment. So when you redesign and redefine yourself as a completely different person in the present, that means that in order to actually become that person, you had to have a different past. The present changes the past!

When you define who you are right now every moment, you make new connections to other simultaneous realities that you call the past and the future. You do that every single time you change. Every single moment. So you're never the same person literally, and you ever have the same past. You only think you do. And when you stop creating that sense of continuity or you design the continuity or focus the continuity connections to serve you in the way you prefer, then you will realise that you can take the thirteenth step. And when you truly define who you are, then it's not about the fact that you changed and you no longer do that -- you never did. That was a different person. That is a different person.

For example, say you experience an addictive habit. If you truly allow yourself to fully understand that you become a new person in each moment, then you will understand that the person you are now, never had the habit. That's why there is no urge. You can see this clearly demonstrated physically in your reality in cases that doctors call "multiple personality disorder." There are documented cases on your planet of one personality having a cancerous tumor, but as soon as they shift to the next personality, they don't. There are documented cases of one personality having allergic reactions, and another personality not. There are even cases of one personality having one eye colour, and another, a different eye colour. They are literally different people. Literally!

And so are you, from moment to moment. When you really know that, then you will know that at every moment, you are at ground zero. Whatever past you want is what you get, and whatever future you want is what you get, with that person you are being, right now. 

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