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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Unconventional Living

It has been quite a while since my last post, and I've had time to muse over my life and where I've journeyed. I titled this post "unconventional living" out of an incredible excitement that has overtaken me ever since I found Chris Guillebeau's blog "The Art of Non-Conformity."

Something in me has been stirring about why I have chosen to continue my work as a commercial office cleaner after completing my Master's in Education. I actually enjoy the work! I have learned much about my own life preferences in the past seven months of working as a janitor. I dare say that having a Master's degree does not mean that I must now become upwardly mobile.

For the longest time, I have know deep within just how I wanted to craft my life (I like the word "craft", especially since I'm into wicca). However, there was a part of me that needed permission from the "establishment" to live this way. You know, the part that says "yeah, sure, you can be a musician, but it won't put food on the table."

So, with that said, here is how I have lovingly and carefully crafted my life:
  • I make a decent living by cleaning corporate offices. I enjoy transforming spaces from drab to beautiful.
  • I use my education as a substitute teacher at a preparatory school.
  • I will further use my degree to volunteer in the classroom of a school for homeless children.
Personally, I would rather volunteer helping children in poverty than get paid to do it. In my being, the moment money comes into the picture, especially if people cannot afford to pay me, the task I once had intense passion for becomes a job, a headache, and the anxiety ensues. That may not be the case for everyone, but it is the case for me.

I will continue to write about just how unconventional my life is and has always been.

This post has given me room to breathe!

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